Utah Landscape Painting, Framed Canvas Print - “Utah Life”

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As Randi traveled through the southwest, she was blown away by its beauty. The scenery was unlike anything she had seen in Michigan, with breathtaking canyons and mountains. Every time she drove down a rolling hill, she was met with a new view. This painting, Utah Life, captured her heart with its dynamic clouds and the way they seem to dance across the sky. The vibrant green grass, purple and yellow flowers against the red stone, fills the scene with vitality and energy.


Frame Colors: White
Sizes: 12x16 inch

Product Details

Elevate your space with Randi's canvas prints. Select a painting that resonates with you to be replicated on canvas and framed in a size and color that complements your space. These canvas prints faithfully capture the essence of Randi's original pieces, enriching your living area and promoting tranquility in your life.

I just bought my first canvas and it is incredible! A great investment for our home and I coudn't be happier with it!