Sacred River - Michigan’s Manistee River

Sacred River - Michigan’s Manistee River

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Sacred River is a 30” x 40” painting that captures the Manistee River that flows through Michigan I was inspired to paint this painting from photos I took from my hike along the Manistee River Trail. This scene captured I t’s beautiful sand dunes along the river bed, and also the beautiful red columbine flowers and ferns growing along the edge of the cliffside. The colors within this painting is beautiful. I especially love the different tones that come out within the water in the reflection. It is framed in a handmade, walnut floater frame by artesian, David Leslie. The green of the walnut frame is beautiful and really complements the brown tones in this painting. If you love Michigan and it’s Rivers, this painting is stunning! It will take you there and bring the beauty of it’s flowing rivers into your home.

Sacred River

30” x 40”

Acrylic on Canvas


Framed in walnut floater frame