Quiet Contemplation

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I created Quiet Contemplation from one of the photographs I took last summer at Esch Beach near Traverse City.  I had traveled to Traverse City for the Crooked Tree Arts Fine Art Festival that I show my work at.  Wanting to take advantage and enjoy the area's beauty as much as I could while I was there, I found this gem of a beach, and went to it after the show to catch the sunset.

As I stepped onto the beach down the path that lead from the wooded parking area, Esch beach glowed with warm light sparkling against the top of the pastel blue and pink water.  The lime green shrubs and purple flowers glowed as the light illuminated their leaves. The sunset was filled with life, color and energy as the sun set after a long day at the festival, remembering and reflecting on all who I had met. There were many beautiful views that I caught with my camera, but this scene in particular stood out and captured the moment at Esch Beach.

Quiet Contemplation
20" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas
Framed in a Gold Floater Frame

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