Love's Dream 40" x 50" - Pyramid Point, Sleeping Bear Dunes

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This 40" x 50" painting captures the Pyramid Point Meadows. The North and South Manitou Islands are in the distance. This painting is full of beautiful blues and greens that create peace.  A painting that will allow you to feel as if you are there.

Love's Dream

40" x 50"

Acrylic on Canvas

Framed in a Gold Floater Frame


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Transform your space with Randi's original masterpieces that will make your room and heart sing.

My husband LOVES your painting! Every time he walks by it he is exclaims….“I like it! So cool!” “Very unique.”  It looks so gorgeous in our living room. Thank you again for sharing your amazing talent with us. We feel so fortunate to own one of your creations! I LOVE all of your work. It feels alive.


Harmony' is even more beautiful than it looked on the website. One could hardly have anticipated, but bringing your art into my home office was a perfectly-timed miracle, now that that room has gone from long-neglected to being where I'm sitting from day to night. 'Harmony' brings me a miraculous breath of fresh air and a reminder of Sleeping Bear into this era of confinement. Thank you!


The painting made it to our home safely thanks to your expert packaging.We feel so fortunate to be the keepers of this masterpiece and look forward to displaying it in our home. We just hung it up this weekend.  We love it so much and my wife can't believe it is ours.  I think even our cat Lenny likes it too.


I am absolutely in love with my/your painting!!!!!! I’m sick with covid, and looking at your painting is bringing me happy thoughts! I really want you to know how much I admire it and how happy I am that I get to look at it every single day!!!!! 


What I love about Randi’s work is her unique “flow” style. It is not only visually captivating, it evokes such a feeling of calm and peace. Her large pieces make you feel as if you are right there in the scene. You can almost hear the rustling of the leaves within the forest or feel the sun on your face during an amazing Lake Michigan sunset. You can literally feel the movement of nature around you…a cool breeze, the sun setting, the clouds drifting. My favorite painting is “Enchanted Forest”; it hangs in my personal sanctuary and I feel so at peace when I am in that space.


I have gotten so many compliments on your painting!  It was so sweet, over thanksgiving, my parents came down. And my dad would just stare at it. After a couple days he said, “ man, that looks so familiar. It looks like Lake Michigan and like I’m looking out at South Manitou”.  It was sweet. He has early dementia, but some places we never forget.