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Gentle Dunes - Pyramid Point, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes

Gentle Dunes - Pyramid Point, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes

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Gentle Dunes is a 16 x 20 painting, framed in a walnut floater frame. It captures a stunning view from the pyramid point Meadows, which is a part of the sleeping bear dunes national shoreline. this painting was inspired by a magical hike I took in the meadows of the gentle dunes. The views were stunning, and filled with beautiful bushes, ground covers and wildflowers. This painting captures these beauties as well as the North Manitou Island in the distance across Lake Michigan. The colors within this piece are very striking, and I really enjoy the pops of oranges and yellows against the greens and blues within the scene. I hope you do too!

Gentle Dunes

16 x 20

Acrylic on canvas


Framed in a handmade walnut photo frame


Currently shown at Somebody’s Gallery. Will not be at the fine art festivals. Shipping included and will ship.