My History in ArtPrize

My History in ArtPrize

I have been blessed along my journey in life and art creation which is now leading me to show at the Devos Place for ArtPrize and share my piece titled, Perfect Creation. 

Here are my works that were created for ArtPrize along my journey in the past as a recap and reflection for this coming event.


Spectrum Health Hospital

A painting that I created for my senior show from my graduation at Grand Valley State University receiving my B.F.A was chosen to be hung at the Spectrum Health Hospital. My new work has now often been hung in different medical buildings, included the McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey.

First Park Congregational church

9 years ago, I created a series of 10 paintings for ArtPrize that I created in nature for the event. My series was titled, Painting Michigan, and I showed downtown at the First Park Congregational Church.
I am very thankful for the opportunity to show with them for the series was the start of my career, set me up for many blessings, and lead to my own solo show at the Lake Street Studios in Glen Arbor, MI.

My style has slowly changed over the years and looks very different than it did when I first started making paintings, though I do love these more illustrative scenes. These were created in Gouache.

Artprize artists page


Radiate Positivity  - Panera Bread

In 2015 I created this painting for ArtPrize and showed it at the Panera Bread downtown. It hung in the entrance and fit perfectly with the much that a lot of people didn't realize it was an artprize piece. haha This painting was large! I believe about 40" x 60", and was titled, Radiate Positivity. I was show with Lafontsee Galleries at the time and sold this painting through the gallery.


With Love Things Grow - Craft Revival Jewelers 

I created this painting, With Love Things Grow, for ArtPrize in 2016 and show at Craft Revival of downtown Grand Rapids. It captured the Lake Superior shoreline and was inspired by my time at the Porcupine Mountains during at artist in residence program. This residency lead to me creating this piece for artprize as well as a body of work in 2017 and many other pieces. I am thankful for my time there and the opportunity to share the beauty, love and magic among these natural areas. With Love Things Grow.

The Colors and Patterns of the Porcupine Mountains -
Panera Bread 

For ArtPrize 2017 I created this series of paintings titled, The Colors and Patterns of the Porcupine Mountains. These paintings ranged in size from small to large scale pieces. I wanted to capture the life, color and design within this sacred place. This series was hung at the Panera Bread. After putting a lot of energy and time into creating work for Artprize for many years in a row without successfully getting into a venue that would be able to draw in more views,  I took a break until the timing was right. I am now excited to return and show my work at Devos Place where many will be able to see and connect with my work.

Perfect Creation - Devos Place

After 10 years of creating work inspired by the divine spirit within the landscape and sharing it to others, it is now my time to share this piece, Perfect Creation in the Devos Place. I hope you are able to come out a feel the spirit within the piece in person and the awe inspiring glow that resonates through it.


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