Manitou Music Festival Poster Winner - Glen Arbor Arts Center - Glen Arbor Sun Article

I am so thankful for my work to be selected painting for the Manitou Music Festival poster by the Glen Arbor Arts Center. The Manitou Music Festival is a month long concert series hosted in northern Michigan's beautiful Leelanau County. Drumming, Jazz and classic music will all be performed throughout the month. 
I have always admired the art that saw on the Manitou Music Festival Posters over the years. The are so many talented artists inspired by the northern Michigan area.  I am so thankful for my work to now be featured on the poster to represent the festival and the beautiful area that the music takes place in.

I am honored to be featured in the Glen Arbor Sun after being selected for the Manitou Music Festival Poster by the Glen Arbor Art Center.

Here is the article that was written about my work and connects my paintings to Van Vough's.