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Randi Ford is a landscape painter who is inspired by the beauty, life and spirit that exists within nature.  It is her goal to capture the energy and life within the landscape through her flow paintings. 


It is her purpose to bring awareness to nature and to bring beauty to others lives.  It brings her joy to be able to meet others, and to have a sense of community and connection through her work.


Randi is a full-time painter capturing the essence of nature within her work.  It is her goal to continue painting, and to travel in order to experience different landscapes  and the life that exists throughout the world.


Through her work she wants to spread the peace and love she feels when surrounded by nature to others.



Randi Grew up in Sturgis, Michigan surrounded by nature, and now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan after graduating with her B.F.A in 2012 from Grand Valley State University studying illustration. It wasn't until she started creating paintings in nature along the shoreline that she was fully passionate about her work. The natural beauty of Lake Michigan and life within it's dunes evoked inspiration within her and inspired her to continue to explore new places. 


Randi often listens to music while creating her work and its influence can be visually seen in her pieces through their movement. Her paintings feel as if they are dancing and come to life with the patterns and rhythms she creates with her fluid strokes.  Randi is calling her paintings "Flow Paintings" because of the meditative state she gets in while painting which causes her fluid strokes. 

Randi's work strives to bring attention to the importance of nature and the life that exists outside of our human world. She hopes to positively influence others by bringing beauty, light, love and inspiration to others lives through her work, and to create a sense of connection.


Randi currently teaches 2D Design Part-time as an Adjunct Professor


I show my work at fine art festivals, music festivals and show my work through galleries.


Somebody's Gallery in Petoskey, MI
Higher Art Gallery in Traverse City, MI


To view her work in person please make an appointment with her directly, visit the galleries, or attend a festival.


Cora Bliss Taylor Award  
Waterfront Invitation Art Fair Saugatuck Douglas Art Club
Best Artist Under 30
 The 7th Annual Plein Air Salon - December/January Awards - The Plein Air Magazine
Honorable Mention
 West Michigan Art Competition - Lowell Arts!
Best in Show
Traverse City's Outdoor Art Fair - Crooked Tree Arts
James Boyce Family Award 
Waterfront Invitation Art Fair - Saugatuck Douglas Art Club
Best Customer Service 
UICA Holiday Arts Fair 
Mayor's Award 
Waterfront invitational Art Fair -Saugatuck Douglas Art Club
Best in Show Award 
Art on the Riverfront Fine Arts Show - Gallery Uptown
Poster Contest Award
Art on the Riverfront Fine Arts Show - Gallery Uptown
Merit Award
The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration 
Honorable Mention
 Ad Campaign - Associated Collegiate Press Advertising Awards
1st, 2nd and 3rd place 
Single Ad Award - Michigan Press Association




Plein Air Magazine 
The American Scholar 
Southwestern Art Magazine


The Magazine for Contemporary Illustration