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Gentle Whispers Fine Art Paper Print - Waterfall
The painting made it to our home safely thanks your expert packaging.We feel so fortunate to be the keepers of this masterpiece and look forward to displaying in our home. We love it so much and my wife can't believe it is ours.  I think even our cat Lenny likes it too.


Thanks so much again for the paintings. They’re stunning and even more captivating in person, as expected. I even get a little movement in the forms when looking at it sometimes. Thanks as well for packaging the paintings so well and framing them so nicely. Into the Sun has already brought such an awesome and positive energy into our home. Grateful to you for that!


My husband LOVES your painting!  Every time he walks by it he is exclaims….“I like it! So cool!” “Very unique.”  It looks so gorgeous in our living room. Thank you again for sharing your amazing talent with us. We feel so fortunate to own one of your creations! I LOVE all of your work. It feels alive.

Azizah H.

We got the painting on Friday and had the best unboxing moment! It is so beautiful! Thank you